Sophie Hannah

Poet and novelist

A woman with pale skin tone and curly brown hair, wearing a coat and holding a green handbag stands in front of a concertina gate Sophie Hannah, by Madeleine Waller, 30 November 2005, NPG x131823, © Madeleine Waller / National Portrait Gallery, London

Hannah published her first collection of poems The Hero and the Girl Next Door at the age of twenty-four. She has since published a further eight collections and The Box Room, Poems for Children. She is also known for her psychological crime novels that have also been produced as television dramas under the series title Case Sensitive (2011–12).

Dogs are objecting to the word dogmatic,
the use of certain phrases — barking mad
dog in a manger ...

From ‘Mountains out of Small Hills’ in The Hero and the Girl Next Door (Manchester: Carcanet, 1995)

He fingered a fraying curtain
And I said ‘You can’t be sure.
Some things in life are uncertain
And that’s what hope is for.’

From ‘You won’t find a bath in Leeds’ in Poetry Review 90.1 (Spring 2000)