MORISHA ASKS: Do artists consider class in self-portraiture?


Introducing Morisha

Collaborative Self-Portrait of Morisha Moodley by Morisha Moodley / Anthony Luvera, 2016

Self-promotion and the miniature

How were miniatures used for self-promotion in the 16th century?

Artists vs Artisans

Interpretation Editor Andrea Easey discusses Angelica Kauffman’s self-portraiture and the social standing…

Hanging styles

Interpretation Editor Andrea Easey discusses displaying art in the ‘country house style’.

Angus McBean

Self-portrait by Angus McBean, Bromide print, 1947, NPG P934, © estate of Angus McBean / National Portrait…

Anthony Van Dyck

Self-portrait by Sir Anthony Van Dyck, Oil on canvas, c.1640, NPG 6987, © National Portrait Gallery, London

Julian Opie

Julian with T-shirt by Julian Opie, LCD screen with integrated software, 2005, NPG 6830, © Julian Opie /…

OVER TO YOU: What public persona do you show in your self-portrait?

Share your self-portraits and ideas with us: #YPGSelf #class

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What do contemporary artists have to say about self-portraiture?


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