ISABELLA ASKS: How is your identity shaped by the people around you?


Introducing Isabella

Collaborative Self-Portrait of Isabella Crook by Isabella Crook / Anthony Luvera, 2016

The romantic self-portrait

Curator Clare Freestone discusses the self-portrait of Ida Kar and her husband.

Friends in miniature

Curator Rab MacGibbon discusses the double portrait of Gerlach Flicke and Henry Strangwish, the earliest…

Angela Gorgas and Martin Amis

Angela Gorgas; Martin Amis by Angela Gorgas, Bromide print, 1978, NPG x133038 © Angela Gorgas

Two Girls

Two Girls by Ishbel Myerscough, Oil on canvas, 1991, NPG 6959 © National Portrait Gallery, London

James Thornhill

Self-portrait by Sir James Thornhill, Oil on canvas, octagonal, c.1710-1725, NPG 5339 © National Portrait…

OVER TO YOU: Who would you include in your self-portrait?

Share your self-portraits and ideas with us: #YPGSelf #groups

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What do contemporary artists have to say about self-portraiture?


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