ELEANOR ASKS: What is the difference between a selfie and self-portrait?


Introducing Eleanor

Collaborative Self-Portrait of Eleanor Stephenson by Eleanor Stephenson / Anthony Luvera, 2016

Marking the moment

Curator Sabina Jaskot-Gill on the impact of cheap cameras on photography.

Dressing up for the camera

Curator Clare Freestone on performance in photography.

Brian Griffin

Self-portrait by Brian Griffin, Bromide print,1988, NPG x125281 © Brian Griffin

Cecil Beaton

Self-portrait by Cecil Beaton, Bromide print,1927, NPG P219 © National Portrait Gallery, London

Dorothy Wilding

Self-portrait by Dorothy Wilding, Chlorobromide print, 1930s, NPG x27403 © William Hustler and Georgina…

OVER TO YOU: Show us your most creative selfies

Share your self-portraits and ideas with us: #YPGSelf #selfies

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