Kanah Flex

Kanah Flex by Mark Chilvers

Kanah Flex
by Mark Chilvers
© Mark Chilvers

Chilvers’ portrait of Kanah Flex stems from a collaboration with people with autism from black and minority ethnic backgrounds. The portraits he makes are accompanied by interviews allowing the sitter to describe their personal experience of autism. Chilvers’ project aims to confront ignorance or stigma regarding autism, through empowering collaborative portraiture. Flex’s powerful and direct gaze is countered by the dynamic and elegant rotation of his limbs, just contained within the photograph’s frame.

British photographer Mark Chilvers undertook a BA at the University of Brighton and an MA at the University of the Arts London. His work has been seen in a solo exhibition in London and has been seen in publications including the Independent, the Guardian Weekend magazine, the New York Times and Stern. He has worked as a stills photographer for film and television productions and has taught and led community photography projects with young people and adults.

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