Laundry Day #2 / Laundry Day #3

from the series Laundry Day by Clémentine Schneidermann © Clémentine Schneidermann

Laundry Day #2 photograph
Laundry Day #3 from the series Laundry Day

Clémentine Schneidermann is a French photographer, living and working between Paris and South Wales. With a focus on social documentary photography, her approach is collaborative and playful, with a particular interest in communities. She is a co-founder of Ffasiwn Stiwdio, a photography-based creative studio that creates programmes with youth groups, and in 2021, she completed a practice-based PhD at the University of South Wales, Cardiff.

Schneidermann’s portraits from her series Laundry Day depict the artist’s neighbour, hanging laundry in the garden of her home in South Wales. Taken during another challenging year in the UK, the photographs “document micro events which deal with the passage of time through the small moments of our daily lives,” comments Schneidermann. Through the obsessive photography of one daily chore, the photographer captures the everyday. The socially distanced portraits are part of a series of works taken during times of quarantine, self-isolation, and national lockdowns.

The judges had an immediate response to the simplicity of Clémentine Schneidermann’s project, capturing the calm mundanity of domestic tasks. The judges felt the images evoked a strong sense of stillness and quiet, yet perhaps also loneliness and isolation, despite the proximity of the photographer. The jury praised the unusual perspective of the portraits, which are close, but not close enough to see the sitter’s face, which they felt was an intriguing play with the conventions of traditional portraiture.