The Faerie Queene illustrated by Walter Crane    The Faerie Queene illustrated by Walter Crane

Folio Society

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The Gallery has partnered with The Folio Society to offer you the opportunity to win a limited edition of The Faerie Queene illustrated by Walter Crane, an exquisite facsimile of a piece of publishing history worth £585.

The Faerie Queene by Edmund Spenser (1552?-1599) is one of the most influential poems in the English language. Dedicated to Elizabeth I, the poem forged a link between Tudor England and the mythological age of King Arthur and the rich allegory of the poem promoted Protestant virtues through the medium of a romantic, chivalric epic.

Rather as Spenser himself looked to ‘antique times’, the Arts and Crafts movement of the late-19th century looked back nostalgically to the Middle Ages. Walter Crane, an artist and associate of William Morris, was inspired by Spenser and illustrated the poem so lavishly that this sumptuous edition became a legend of book production in its own right.

The Folio Society produces extensive selection of superbly illustrated hardback editions of classic books, with new bindings, fine typography and specially commissioned illustrations.

One winner will receive a copy of The Faerie Queene and three runners up will receive a copy of the exhibition catalogue.