Fourth Prize

Amira and her Children
by Ivor Prickett, 2014
© Ivor Prickett/UNHCR/Panos Pictures

Ivor Prickett is a documentary photographer who works on personal projects whilst carrying out assignments for a diverse range of international clients. Having lived and worked in the Middle East and Turkey for nearly 5 years, he is now based in London. Prickett took the photograph Amira and her Children in Northern Iraq in September 2014 when working on an assignment for UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees).

Prickett explains: 'I met Amira and her family in the tent where they were living in at the Baharka camp near Erbil; they had fled their village near Mosul after ISIS had taken control of the area. I spent some time speaking with Amira about what her family had gone through. As they became more comfortable with me being there they really started to express their closeness and became very tactile. It was a beautiful moment to witness in the midst of such a difficult situation.'

Prize Winners

FIRST PRIZE: Five Girls 2014

First Prize: £12,000
by David Stewart, 2014
© David Stewart

SECOND: Hector

Second Prize: £3,000
by Anoush Abrar, 2014
© Anoush Abrar

THIRD: Nyaueth

Third Prize: £2,000
by Peter Zelewski, 2015
© Peter Zelewski

John Kobal New Work Award

John Kobal New Work Award
by Tereza Červeňová, 2014
© Tereza Červeňová

FOURTH: Amira and her children

Fourth Prize: £1,000
by Ivor Prickett, 2014
© Ivor Prickett/UNHCR/Panos Pictures