Second Prize

by Anoush Abrar, 2014
© Anoush Abrar

Anoush Abrar was born in Tehran, Iran, and lived in Switzerland from the age of five. He studied at the University of Arts in Lausanne and has taught photography there since 2005. Abrar has had his work exhibited in museums and galleries around the world and now lives and works between London and Lausanne. The idea behind Abrar’s portrait Hector stems from the photographer’s fascination with Caravaggio’s work, particularly his painting Sleeping Cupid from 1608.

Abrar explains: ‘Somehow I needed to make my own Sleeping Cupid. I found my portrait of Hector so powerful and iconic that it inspired me to continue this project as a series called Cherubs.’

Prize Winners

FIRST PRIZE: Five Girls 2014

First Prize: £12,000
by David Stewart, 2014
© David Stewart

SECOND: Hector

Second Prize: £3,000
by Anoush Abrar, 2014
© Anoush Abrar

THIRD: Nyaueth

Third Prize: £2,000
by Peter Zelewski, 2015
© Peter Zelewski

John Kobal New Work Award

John Kobal New Work Award
by Tereza Červeňová, 2014
© Tereza Červeňová

FOURTH: Amira and her children

Fourth Prize: £1,000
by Ivor Prickett, 2014
© Ivor Prickett/UNHCR/Panos Pictures