Third Prize

by Peter Zelewski, 2015
© Peter Zelewski

Peter Zelewski is a London-based portrait and documentary photographer. Born in Detroit, USA, he moved to London in the late 80s and studied Graphic Design at North London Polytechnic. Through his fascination and love of the city, he was drawn to the streets of London to take photographs of its citizens. Zelewski now divides his time between graphic design, commercial photography and his personal street portraiture projects. Zelewski’s portrait Nyaueth was taken near Oxford Street as part of his series Beautiful Strangers.

Zelewski explains: ‘The aim of Beautiful Strangers is to challenge the concept of traditional beauty with a series of spontaneous and powerful street portraits of everyday citizens who show character, uniqueness and a special inner quality, which I try to interpret in my photographs.’

Prize Winners

FIRST PRIZE: Five Girls 2014

First Prize: £12,000
by David Stewart, 2014
© David Stewart

SECOND: Hector

Second Prize: £3,000
by Anoush Abrar, 2014
© Anoush Abrar

THIRD: Nyaueth

Third Prize: £2,000
by Peter Zelewski, 2015
© Peter Zelewski

John Kobal New Work Award

John Kobal New Work Award
by Tereza Červeňová, 2014
© Tereza Červeňová

FOURTH: Amira and her children

Fourth Prize: £1,000
by Ivor Prickett, 2014
© Ivor Prickett/UNHCR/Panos Pictures