Artists’ Films

The National Portrait Gallery has commissioned a series of short films focusing on the involvement of contemporary artists exhibiting or curating works at each of the venues.

The films reveal the artists’ responses to Van Dyck’s Self-portrait  and the approaches to self-portraiture and identity explored in their own work.

Julian Opie, National Portrait Gallery

Julian Opie discusses the relationship between Van Dyck’s self-portrait and his own works – commissioned portraits and images developed from street photography.

Young Fathers, Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Mercury Prize-winning band Young Fathers perform a response to Looking Good, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery's exhibition exploring male image, identity and appearance. Their commentary is part of a contemporary response to themes about male representation and explores issues around privilege and inequality and conventions of historic portraiture and its display.

Marcus Coates, Laing Art Gallery

Artist Marcus Coates talks with the public about Van Dyck’s final self-portrait and describes the approaches to self-portrayal in his own work.

John Stezaker, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

John Stezaker shares his ideas about physical and metaphorical turning in portraiture, inspired by the dramatic turned pose in Van Dyck’s final self-portrait.

Mark Wallinger, Dulwich Picture Gallery

Mark Wallinger discusses the relationship between the Van Dyck and his own self-portraits with curator Xavier Bray.

Karrie Fransman, Manchester Art Gallery

Karrie Fransman, comic book artist, describes making her Selves Portrait in response to Van Dyck’s final self-portrait.

Jason Evans, Turner Contemporary

Photographer Jason Evans explores his relationship to the Van Dyck self-portrait and considers the impact that record sleeves have had on his own photographic work and on the making of his Self-Portrait as Sound System.