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Discover activity relating to Van Dyck’s Self-portrait from the participation programme at the National Portrait Gallery, London

Members of the National Portrait Gallery’s Youth Forum wrote and delivered a series of short talks on Sir Anthony van Dyck’s self-portrait relating to the different displays held at the Gallery.


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In October 2016, Assistant Curator Emily Burns led a Facebook Live tour of our current display Painting the Artist: Van Dyck and Early Self-portraiture in Britain.

In November and December 2015, children from a Year 6 class at Charlotte Sharman Primary School and Rosendale Primary School, London visited the Gallery to see Van Dyck’s last self-portrait. Guided by their teachers and Gallery artists, they used the Philosophical Inquiry method to discuss the portrait using the theme of transition as a starting point. They were able to make comparisons between Van Dyck’s life and their own, raising questions and drawing conclusions about facing the future and adjusting to change.