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With over fifty superb full-colour illustrations, Wyndham Lewis Portraits is the first book to focus exclusively on Lewis’s unique achievements as a portraitist. Self-presentation was always the performance of a public role for Lewis, and the book begins by examining the multiple identities he presented in his self-portraits. He found a similar multiplicity in the sitters who are the subjects of some of the greatest portraits in 20th-century British art: his fellow ‘Men of 1914’, Edith Sitwell, Naomi Mitchison and his wife Froanna. Major oil portraits of these and other sitters are discussed alongside virtuoso drawings and watercolours where different aspects of their presentation are depicted. Collectively, these images bring to life Lewis’s vibrant interpretations of some of the most important artistic and literary figures of his time, including Rebecca West, Virginia Woolf and Stephen Spender.

Including fascinating text by Paul Edwards, Professor of English and History of Art at Bath Spa University and the world’s leading Lewis scholar, and Richard Humphreys, Tate Curator and Lewis specialist, this publication reveals the complex ideas and public controversy that characterized Lewis’s career. Above all, this book pays tribute to the creative imagination of Lewis both as an author and an artist.

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