Wyndham Lewis Portraits - Exhibition

Portrait of the Artist as the Painter Raphael (1921)
Manchester City Galleries
© The Estate of Mrs G.A. Wyndham Lewis: The Wyndham Lewis Memorial Trust

Percy Wyndham Lewis (1882–1957) was one of the most important British artists of his time.  A highly skilled painter and draughtsman, Lewis was also a writer, soldier, critic and editor.  The exhibition presents a wide variety of portraits of early modern celebrities known by Lewis, such as T. S. Eliot and James Joyce, as well as his self-portraits and images of his wife, Froanna. 

Through the portraits, this exhibition explores Lewis’s ideas about human personality, which he viewed as complex and unsettled.  Lewis tended to present himself to the public in personas which he often reinvented, and the self-portraits strongly reflect these different inventions.  This exhibition provides a fascinating insight into Lewis’s life and work, as well as the cultural world in which he operated.

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