Ezra Pound (1939)
© The Estate of Mrs G.A. Wyndham Lewis: The Wyndham Lewis Memorial Trust,
Photo © Tate, London 2008

Ezra Pound played an important role within Vorticism, coining the name of the movement and being known as its main poet. Pound was also keen to promote Lewis’s painting, recommending his work to potential buyers, and purchasing works for himself.  Lewis painted Pound in 1939 and describes one of his sittings in a 1950 recollection of Pound:

 “He swaggered in, coat-tails flying … There was no conversation.  He flung himself at full length into my best chair for that pose, closed and was motionless, and did not move for two hours by the clock. Ezra was not haggard, he looked quite well, but was exhausted.  ‘Go to it Wyndham!’ he gruffled without opening his eyes.”